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We are delighted to welcome all visitors to our site.  WomEnchant Chorus & Drummers is a community ensemble with a feminist and social justice perspective.  We are committed to performing music that reflects our commitment to peace, equality and respect for all people and the Earth.  We are based in Grimsby, and perform throughout Hamilton and Niagara areas.

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Celebrate 25 Years of Sisterhood & Song

Join us on April 29th for our Gala Concert. Made possible with the generous support of Canada Pipe Company ULC and Clow Canada, our concert sponsors. Read our News Feed for additional information.

An Anthem for All Canadians

WomEnchant Chrous & Drummers is celebrating. On February 7, 2018, our inclusive national anthem was restored. We invite you to sing with us as you enjoy O Canada: An Anthem for All Canadians, our contribution to the national debate.

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